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One of the largest projects is being implemented in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region in Southern Georgia. Construction of the Parvani Hydro Power Plant has been speeded up. Capacity of the HPP is 85 megawatt, while the capacity of the electricity annually generated by the plant is 425 kilowatt-hour.

Georgian Urban Energy Turkish Company started the construction works at teh HPP in 2009. Experts expect the plant to be brought into exploitation since 2013. President Saakashvili looked round the construction process at the plant today.

As reported, USD 125 million has been invested in the construction of the HPP. Along with it, a 14-kilometer tunnel is also being constructed. Water will fall down the tunnel and the electricity generated at the HPP may be even exported to foreign countries.

Reportedly, local population will be employed at the constructions of the Parvani HPP as well as the 43-megawatt Mtkvari HPP. Caucasus Energy and Infrastructure Georgian Company is also carrying out 20 new projects. Investment cost of the Mtkvari HPP is USD 65 million.

Along with the Mtkvari HPP, construction of water equalization reservoir and 9-kilometer tunnel is also underway.

Construction of 6 HPPs at the same time is underway in the country that assists creating additional jobs and attraction of investments to Georgia. As reported, construction works are expected to start at 4 more hydro power plants by the end of 2011.

500-kilovolt electricity lines are also installed in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region for purpose of exporting the electricity generated in Georgia to other countries.

All the ongoing projects in the region are expected to complete in 2015.

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