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April 18, 2011

JSC Caucasus Energy & Infrastructure (CEI, GSE: NRGY) announces that it has completed construction of a temporary bridge on the Mtkvari River. The 33 meter bridge will be dismantled towards the end of the construction period and the area flooded with water. This is a second bridge built by the company since the HPP construction works began 18 months ago.

The bridge connects the road, which winds along the north river bank, to the other side of the river where the diversion canal building works are currently taking place. Prior to the bridge construction, the company vehicles drove through an old bridge close to the site. However, the existing bridge was not considered safe for heavy construction vehicles and some of the company's machinery had to take an even longer route through the village to access the site. The new bridge will significantly speed up the diversion canal building works and reduce transportation expenses.

"We are pleased to have completed construction of a temporary bridge. The bridge ensures safe, short and independent route for our workers and construction machinery to the south of the river bank", commented Chief Executive Officer of Caucasus Energy and Infrastructure Archil Mamatelashvili.

Source: Business News Europe
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